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Super p force oral jelly is a certified dual action medication containing two sildenafil and dapoxetine, which are better known as Viagra and Priligy. This liquid based treatment is manufactured by Sunrise Remedies and prescribed to help men tackle the two most common men sexual dysfunctions experienced globally. This compound medication is just as safe as the respective brand medications and is sold exclusively online.

Erectile function and premature ejaculation are common among men and are caused by poor blood flow and chemical imbalance, respectively. ED statistics estimate 1 in 10 men have issues achieving an erection, while nearly 40% ejaculate too soon before or during sex. Super p force oral jelly is designed to treat impotence and ejaculation conditions simultaneously. This medication is available prescription free online in bulk for unbeatable everyday prices.

What is Sildenafil

How Does Super P Force Oral Jelly Work?? 

The active ingredients in Super P Force Oral Jelly help men form an erection and curb premature ejaculation issues. Sildenafil citrate is the medication responsible for helping men achieve an erection during sexual stimulation by improving and increasing blood circulation to the erectile tissue. This active ingredient does so by expanding the blood vessels leading to the penis while relaxing the smooth penile tissue.

Dapoxetine hydrochloride is responsible for readjusting and correcting certain chemical imbalances in the brain to delay ejaculation timing. This active ingredient increases the levels and activity of serotonin in the post synaptic cleft of the brain. The results of this reaction cause a calming effect throughout the mind and body, allowing men to maintain control of ejaculations before and during intercourse. Super p force oral jelly is a popular medication men use to improve sexual performance.? 

Who Should Take Super P Force Oral Jelly?? 

For men having constant issues getting an erection and climaxing to soon in the bedroom, super p force oral jelly is their medication of choice. The dual actions of this medication make it easier for men to tackle both conditions at the same time, allowing them to enhance sexual experiences. Stressing about not performing well is becoming less of an issue for more men that are using this medication and effective lifestyle adjustments.

Super p force oral jelly offers men many benefits however, women suffering from specific female sexual dysfunctions also benefit. The sildenafil citrates sole purpose is improving blood flow and because poor circulation relates to sexual arousal disorder, anorgasmia and dyspareunia, sildenafil is an effective FSD solution. In fact, due to the rising demand for effective FSD medication, women use Lovegra 100 mg or softer Lovegra oral jelly.

How To Use Super P Force Oral Jelly

Using super p force oral jelly as per the usage and dosage guide provides the best results. Administer one dose an hour before foreplay and sex. Take the gel by mouth and let it dissolve on the tongue for efficient absorption. This medication can be taken with or without food but users are advised to avoid dense food. This medication can be taken without water; however, patients are advised to stay well hydrated.

Within 30 â?? 60 minutes after consumption, the effects start working to form an erection and once at full potency, lasts 4 â?? 6 hours. During this time, men can sustain their erection at full strength to engage in foreplay and sex as long as stimulation is occurring. Although the effects are strongest within 4 â?? 6 hours, studies confirm that the medication can last up to 24 hours.

Super P Force Oral Jelly Side Effects

Although super p force oral jelly does come with side effects, they are preventable when following the usage instructions. There are very few reports of side effects occurring for people taking this medication. For the few that have experienced side effects, they report symptoms as minor and able to be self-managed and alleviated within 24 hours.

The minor side effects associated with super p force oral jelly include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual disturbance
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nasal congestion

To prevent side effects, make sure to use only one dose in 24 hours and always stay well hydrated. Although adverse side effects are extremely unlikely, if a person suffers any, seeking medical attention and stopping use immediately is advised. There is a full list of associated side effects on the patient information leaflet on our webpage.? 

Super P Force Oral Jelly Benefits

More men are living a healthier and much happier life after using a course of super p force oral jelly. This compound treatment allows the opportunity for men to significantly improve their relationships by adding more spontaneity and intimacy to their sex lives. Maintaining a healthy sex life is important as it helps improve heart health and organ function by keeping blood pumping efficiently.? 

For men with psychological health related ED, engaging in sexual activities successfully helps boost self-esteem and confidence levels to new heights. Getting super p force oral jelly is effortless because our online services offer private 24 hour access to the best prescription-free medications available anywhere. Better yet, ordering in bulk takes minutes and delivered locally in a matter of days.

What is Kamagra

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