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Sildamax is a licenced generic medication manufactured by leading pharmaceutical company Argon Pharma Limited. As a generic version of Viagra, this medication contains sildenafil citrate and has been available since the Viagra patent expired in 2012. Sildamax is identical to the original brand and helps men from all walks of life re-establish and improve their sexual health, function and abilities.

This medication is prescribed to men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) which is the most prevalent sexual health disorder men suffer globally. Poor blood circulation is the main risk factor linked to erection issues which stems from multiple pre-existing conditions including diabetes, atherosclerosis or cardiovascular disease. Men can purchase this medication online at any time while enjoying the comforts of home. Anyone using our site to order medication has exclusive access to the widest selection of prescription free medications delivered to their door.

What is Sildenafil

How Does Sildamax Work?? 

Sildamax is responsible for expanding blood vessels, relaxing the smooth erectile muscles and improving blood circulation. This medication does so by increasing the production of cGMP by inhibiting PDE-5 enzymes simultaneously. When this medication is active, blood vessel walls expand and the smooth muscles relax which initiates high blood flow to the penis. Once the penile tissue fills with blood, an erection forms and is maintained while the user is sexually stimulated.

When using Sildamax, be aware that the active ingredient relies on sexual stimulation to work effectively. In fact, the longer patients are experiencing sexual stimulation, they can maintain a fully formed erection during intercourse. This medication helps more men tackle impotence issues to get back to enjoying the freedoms of a healthier sex life and stronger long term relationships.

Who Should Take Sildamax?? 

Sildamax is used specifically to help men target and relieve mild to moderate erectile dysfunction issues by improving blood flow. Using a course of this medication helps men achieve healthy erections while also improving the health and function of pelvic floor muscles. Having difficulty maintaining an erection is becoming much less of an issue for men taking Sildamax. Men looking to enhance pleasure in the bedroom by restoring sexual function can use this medication to achieve great results.? 

As years have progressed, the demand for high quality female sexual dysfunction medications has risen significantly as more women report sexual dysfunction issues. With that said, more women are turning to sildenafil based medications to get effective relief against sexual arousal disorder, anorgasmia and dyspareunia. This type of medication helps women elevate sexual arousal, minimize genital pain and reach more frequent orgasms during sex.

How to Use Sildamax

The best way to use Sildamax is as per the usage guide prescribed by a medical professional. Users should consume one tablet between 30 â?? 60 minutes before engaging in foreplay and sex. Swallowing the tablet with a glass of water and a small snack is recommended, although it can be taken on an empty stomach. Avoid breaking, chewing or splitting the tablet during consumption to prevent any risks.

The active ingredient takes approximately 30 â?? 60 minutes to kick in and performs at full effect for 4 â?? 6 hours. This medication is most effective in the first 4 â?? 6 hours but quite often, users report feeling the effects for up to 24 hours. Users are advised to only take one pill over a 24-hour time frame to avoid suffering adverse side effects or potential overdose.

Sildamax Side Effects

All types of medication come with associated side effects, avoiding them is simple when following the usage instructions. Common side effects are unlikely to occur when taken responsibly. The common side effects that may occur are considered mild, easy to manage and typically diminish within 24 hours or less.

The mild side effects associated with Sildamax include, but are not limited to:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Facial flushing
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Mild fatigue

Staying hydrated by drinking at least 2 â?? 3 litres of water daily help to minimize or manage side effects. Patients are advised to stop using the medication and seek medical attention immediately if any adverse side effects occur. Find the patient information leaflet at our website to get the full list of Sildamax side effects.

Sildamax Benefits

Taking Sildamax allows a wider population of men to make significant sexual health improvements as well as their quality of life. Ordering this medication is also a major benefit itself because men and women have secure access without prescriptions, consultations or visiting a pharmacy. Men using this medication report feeling much healthier mentally, physically and sexually even long after completing the treatment course.

Men using Sildamax have more confidence to engage in sexual encounters knowing they are not going to fall short in the bedroom. Being able to go the distance during sexual encounters allows couples to spice up their sex lives and improve intimacy, which works wonders in long term relationships. The way this medication improves blood flow helps users maintain good overall health by keeping the heart healthy, muscles strong and the brain working effectively.

What is Kamagra

Buy Sildamax in France

Our service is dedicated to providing effective medications in the safest way by providing all the details you need to go ahead with treatment. To order, follow the link to our homepage where you can choose the product and quantity you need. Follow the guided prompts to the checkout to provide and submit your details including the postal address, email ID and telephone number. After providing your details you can complete your purchase using MasterCard, Bitcoin or VISA.? 

Confirmation of payment, the estimated delivery date and the subtle descriptor name identified on your bank statement are sent to you by email when payment is received. Your order is then processed, wrapped and sent from a secure dispatch hub for delivery, which on average takes 4 â?? 7 working days. For real time customer support, contact our team by phone or email to get the assistance you need at any time.? 

Intensify the intimacy and excitement in your sex life when you order Sildamax from kamagrafrance.com.

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