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Eriacta is a generic erectile dysfunction medication originally sold as Viagra. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd began producing this generic after the Viagra patent expired in 2012. Like Viagra, this generic version contains a standard dose of sildenafil citrate and is prescribed to alleviate mild to moderate ED issues. ED affects approximately 52% of men and is projected to increase to over 322 million by 2025.? 

The main cause of impotence is a lack of blood flow to the penile tissue during sexual stimulation. The inability to get an erection also relates to physical conditions like hypotension and diabetes or mental health issues like stress and anxiety. This medication helps men restore their sexual ability by improving blood flow. Eriacta is exclusive to online pharmacies that provide full access to the best variety of generic ED medications at affordable, prescription free prices all year round.? 

What is Sildenafil

How Does Eriacta Work?? 

Eriacta works the same as Viagra to restore sexual function by improving blood flow to the penile tissues. The sildenafil citrate in this medication increases blood flow by releasing nitric oxide as well as preventing the degradation of the vasodilating chemical cGMP. This reaction causes blood vessels to expand and relaxes smooth pelvic muscles. As a result, high blood levels fill both muscle chambers in the penis to form an erection.

The effects of Eriacta allow men to engage in sexual activities feeling confident knowing they can maintain an erection without suffering flaccidity. Note that this type of medication only takes effect when users are sexually stimulated. With that said, research suggests that a user can maintain a solid erection and perform at their best for longer while cGMP builds up in the body during sexual activities.

Who Should Take Eriacta?? 

The vast majority of men suffering from ED use Eriacta to restore sexual health and get a strong and healthy erection before and during sex. This medication is an ideal solution men use to not only get an erection but also repair and strengthen muscle tissue through improved blood flow. Although this medication is primarily used to develop an erection, others turn to this medication as a way of improving overall sexual performance.

The effects of sildenafil based products like Eriacta are also beneficial for the majority of women suffering from certain female sexual dysfunction conditions. This type of vasodilating medication provides blood flow enhancements that are seen to relieve anorgasmia, sexual arousal disorder and dyspareunia. Using sildenafil based medication helps both men and women safely improve their sex lives to lead a happier, healthier life.

How To Use Eriacta

Users are advised to follow the usage and dosage instructions for Eriacta as directed. To achieve effective results, administer one oral tablet approximately 30 â?? 60 minutes before foreplay and sex. Swallowing Eriacta with a full glass of water ensures easy consumption and eating a light snack before or during consumption helps prevent stomach issues.

This medication takes approximately 30 â?? 60 minutes to reach full effect which lasts an average of 4 â?? 6 hours. Using sildenafil citrate allows men to engage in sexual activities with a strong erection during foreplay and intercourse. Users should note that although this remains active for up to 24 hours. One dose allows men to get an erection multiple times over 24 hours without requiring a second dose.

Eriacta Side Effects

The side effects associated with sildenafil based medication are rare and only experienced by a small percentage of men and women. Follow the usage and dosage guide to get the best results without side effects. In cases where side effects may occur, the impact on patient health is minimal and typically takes 24 hours to subside without medical assistance.

The common side effects associated with Eriacta include, but are not limited to:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Appetite changes
  • Headache
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sensitivity to light

Managing or minimizing side effects can be done by keeping hydrated and using only one dose in 24 hours. Although highly unlikely, if adverse side effects occur during use, discontinue use and contact medical assistance immediately. A detailed list of associated side effects is available at our website on the patient information leaflet (PIL).

Eriacta Benefits

Ordering sexual dysfunction medication online comes with more benefits than high street chemists simply cannot contend with. Using our website offers a secure hub supplying the largest selection of sexual dysfunction medications anywhere on the market. Shoppers using this website to get effective medications enjoy a prescription free experience in complete privacy at any time, day or night.

Ordering in bulk is a great way for customers to get the supply they need while saving more money along the way. Using Eriacta is a popular choice for men because it helps them improve their overall quality of life. When looking at the reviews section, men who have used Eriacta report making significant improvements in their relationships by having the ability to add spontaneity and intimacy to their sex life. Check out the FAQ section to see the many other benefits this medication offers.

What is Kamagra

Buy Eriacta in France

Men and women are making significant improvements in their sex life and relationships when using generic sexual dysfunction medication. To place an order, choose the treatment and quantity on our homepage before adding them to the cart and continuing to the checkout. Proceed by providing a phone number, the delivery address and email ID. Complete the order using Bitcoin, VISA or MasterCard and wait to receive an email confirming your purchase, the anonymous descriptor name outlined on your statement and the estimated delivery date.? 

Medications are packed and processed for shipping within 24 hours and sent from the closest dispatch centre to your address and delivered in as little as 4 â?? 7 working days. To get further assistance or answers to any questions you may have, our friendly client support team are contactable at any time via telephone, email and live chat.

Enhance your sexual abilities and relationship by ordering prescription free Eriacta from us here at kamagrafrance.com.

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