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Dr Sophie Laurent

Dr Sophie Laurent

Meet Dr Sophie Laurent, a medical professional who is passionate about helping patients overcome sexual dysfunction and who also has a profound love of literature. At the time, she was a voracious reader who used that interest to learn more about sexual health, a topic that is often avoided because of its taboo status. Sophie received her medical degree from the Université Paris Descartes before deciding to pursue a master's degree in literature at the Sorbonne. She first wanted to pursue a career in literature, that is why she made this choice.

As Sophie Laurent learned more about the topic of sexual dysfunction, she came to the realisation that there was a strong need for more public discussion on the topic. After reading a biography she realised that many people have these kinds of issues. With her unusual combination of medical and literary knowledge, she knew that she could help break down these barriers and provide those strained by sexual dysfunction with real solutions.

As soon as she finished her literature degree, she went to work as a physician specialising in sexual dysfunction. She became known as a doctor who truly cares for her patients very quickly. She has started writing for our online pharmacy in addition to her medical practise, first voluntarily. She puts her writing skills to use in a way that promotes both sexual health education and reader engagement. Quickly becoming some of the most read on the site, readers praised her for her ability to simplify complex medical ideas in a way that anyone could relate to.

In addition to her commitment to her patients, Dr Sophie Laurent touch of literature was recognised and appreciated. As recognition for her hard work and dedication over the years, she was recently promoted to the position of chief editor of our blog. She oversees a team of authors and checks their work to make sure it meets the high standards for accuracy, depth of research, and readability. At our online pharmacy, we are joyful to have her as part of the team, and we look forward to celebrating her many future achievements with her.